What is PIKT?

PIKT is a grocery delivery marketplace. We connect people who are going to pick up orders at the grocery store with other people who would like their orders delivered.

How Does it Work?

PIKT is an open marketplace for grocery deliveries. PIKT's marketplace covers retailers that have "click and collect" services for their groceries.

Delivery Consumers: Download the app and navigate to the "Delivery" screen. Select a Picker that is going to the appropriate store at the appropriate time and request a delivery. All deliveries are $8. Finalize transaction by giving your Picker a rating.

For Drivers: Download the app and navigate to the "Pickers" screen. Select the appropriate timing and location for when you will be available to pick up an order from a retailer and hit "Go!". Your availability information will then be shared with other app users in the "Delivery" screen. Once an order request is received, accept or decline and proceed. Drivers receive $7.20 for each successful delivery.

What is PIKT's Mission?

PIKT was built to do three things:

  1. Provide affordable grocery delivery services to every market in the country
  2. Provide everyday shoppers and gig industry connoisseurs with the supplemental income opportunities
  3. Help retailers effectively and efficiently solve for "Last Mile" delivery